Prideworks 2017

We hope all of you are warm and safe and are weathering this storm. We have decided (sadly) to cancel tomorrow's PrideWorks. Like many of you, we have kept our eyes on weather forecasts, road conditions, and school schedules.

We were optimistic that this storm would be hyped up and fizzle out, but Winter Storm Stella wasn't that storm. While we really didn't want to cancel our much-loved PrideWorks, in the end, everyone's safety was our primary concern -- the safety of conference attendees, presenters, and volunteers, -- each and every member of the PrideWorks Community -- won out.

We are sad and disappointed, especially as we know we can't reschedule this year's conference. Undoing a conference is almost as complicated as putting one on. You may also get this message more than once. We really want to be sure EVERYONE gets the message. If you registered for a group or for co-presenters, please make sure to inform them of the conference' cancellation. Another issue is refunding registration fees. We will be processing refunds, but it may take up to 30 days.

Canceling this year's conference is a REALLY big deal financially for PrideWorks. Almost every dollar of your registration fee goes to cover costs. The conference has about $15,000 in costs, even though we didn't get to enjoy the day together.

Do you look forward to this one very special and rainbow-filled day like we do? Yes? We are asking for your help. If you can afford to donate your conference refund, you would make a huge difference to the future of PrideWorks. Simply send your name to:

Care to donate in a different way? That's totally ok! Every $5, $10, $15, or $20 we get back will help. To donate another amount, please use the link below.

We'd also like to hear from you. Please leave your thought, ideas, comments, or what you have gotten from PrideWorks in years past on our Facebook page. We'd REALLY like to hear from you!! CLICK HERE

We started the week so excited to see and be with you all because being a part of the PrideWorks Community is a big deal for us. And while we're sad we won't be dancing to "Born this Way" with you tomorrow, we're still proud that each of us make up the amazing, supportive, hope-filled, and connected PrideWorks community.

Thank you for being a part of this community and for your support of PrideWorks.

In snowy solidarity,

David Diamond and The PrideWorks Board